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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Z-man @ Skratchpad SF, Sat. June 30, Gallery 1317, San Francisco, 2pm to 8pm!

Join us this weekend for Skratchpad SF!  Z-man, representing Gurp City, performs TODAY Saturday, June 30, at Gallery 1317 in San Francisco! We will also have open turntables to get your scratch on!  Also catch DJs Amerriica, Deeandroid, Rokfresh, Don Don, Al Striker, and Pone spinning beats!

Skratchpad SF feat. Z-man
Saturday, June 30, 2pm-8pm
1317 Grant Ave., San Francisco, CA
All Ages

No Cover, Just Culture

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Listen to The Real Canned Beats Podcast!

Listen to The Real Canned Beats Podcast here:

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Canned Beats is my original mobile DJ crew, and on the podcast we discuss our latest gigs and music, as well as their interests: cars, the Dub Report, UFC, and more!

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Listen to Hits From the 90s Volume 2 on Mixcloud!

Listen to Hits From the 90s Volume 2 on Mixcloud!

DJ Spair and DJ Pone are back again with Volume 2! In 2003, before the time of 90s retro-cool, Spair and Pone took a crate of early 90s vinyl and produced the first volume of Hits From The 90s – a fun DJ mix that became more popular than they envisioned. Life took Spair and Pone their separate ways, but 14 years later, by chance, the two DJs reconnected in Las Vegas. After a few months of recompiling that old 90s crate (in digital) and a few sessions in the studio, they have produced for you Volume 2! Spair and Pone think it’s a worthy sequel, especially now that the 90s are actually retro-cool in 2017.